1st Safety Training, is a subsidiary of AlBoys LLC. We were incorporated in 1981 (Hawley Inc.) to provide general management consulting, data processing consulting, classroom, and on-site training for both the private industry and the public sector. We are incorporated and we are also insured with Lloyds of London with a policy exceeding $1,000,000 dollars.

We are a family run business with a range master as the administrator. We continuously challenge our clients to excel to the level of excellence because we believe that when it is time to perform it is too late to practice! Our training today is more of a hands-on operation for the client dealing with self-protection while enjoying life to the fullest. Unlike most other training, all of our courses are designed from the ground up with the focus on safety first. As uniquely different as our prices may be, our training is exceptionally better than the best at all levels of training.

With 1st Safety Training we are proud to offer several classes dealing with firearms training, including, License to Carry (state certified) and Introduction to Handguns. Other exciting courses offered are CPR, First Aid, Active Shooter Defense, and Church Safety/Security Team Training.

We normally only teach classes of twenty students or less. We are very much a hands-on operation in the classroom and on the range with demonstrations step-by-step. We video the range time during the introduction course to identify some weakness and point out the strengths of each shooter. A copy of that video is then offered to each of our clients.

It’s your life—Protect It! Practice Makes Permanent.