When looking for a concealed carry handgun, you need to consider four very important factors: reliability, stopping power, wearability, and user friendliness. It is not uncommon for women to have a variety of pistols that conceal better with different wardrobe choices or activities.

Women are often very good handgun shooters and a fast-growing segment in handgun and accessory sales, handgun carry movement, and the shooting sports. Women tend to be good students because they listen and are eager to learn. About two-thirds of our students are women. I think this trend is great! We work hard to make our handgun classes as enjoyable, informative, and stress-free, as possible; however, 1st safety, then everything else.

We will teach a private License to Carry (formerly CHL) or Introduction to Handguns class for a small group of women, families, or just friends. We also provide private shooting lessons for women wanting to learn how to shoot. Learning to shoot a handgun is a fun, safe, and a unique experience.

Classes are very reasonably priced and may include all gun rental, ammunition, and range costs. Email us or go to our website for more information about classes, scheduling and pricing or to register for a class.

There are a fast-growing number of shooting opportunities and special products designed for women.  These include clubs, training classes, handguns, long-guns, accessories and clothing.

Some evidence suggest that many women prefer to be trained by women and we have female instructors available.  A ‘female-friendly’ firearm is one that fits a woman’s hand properly, one that she can get a good grip on, one in which the trigger is easily functioned, and one that does not have too heavy a recoil spring. These days, thanks to the thousands of models on the market, it usually comes down to the gun’s intended purpose.

From my experiences, I truly believe women have ice water in the veins; they have an amazing ability to stick with it. Most women are very committed not only to learning, but learning correctly. They generally don’t pick up many of the bad habits men develop. They are competitive and want to be participants to win.

Gift Certificates are available for most classes.

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