Course Synopsis: The material covered in the presentation was created by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), as the instructional guide for Texas License to Carry a Handgun Instructors to use in accordance with the requirements of Texas Government Code §411.188.  Additional material has been included in our presentation to bring clarity to some of the material, however, nothing has been removed from the DPS text in accordance to Government Code §411.188.

Course description: This course is designed for a minimum of four (4) hours, maximum six (6) hours of classroom instruction, written examination (70% passing) and the proficiency demonstration (score 175 out a possible 250).

Material is provided in four modules:

  • Module 1:  Laws that relate to weapons and deadly force
  • Module 2:  Handgun Use and Safety
  • Module 3:  Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Module 4:  Proper Storage Practices for Handgun Safety.   Breaks will be given at the appropriate times.

Course objective: The overall objective of this course is to educate students on the responsibilities and laws applicable to handgun license holders. Specific objectives are outlined at the beginning of each of the four-training modules.

Proficiency Demonstration:  The Range Master or Firearms LTC Instructor is responsible for utilizing a safe range and conducting the range portion of the course in a safe manner. We will have no less than one Range Officer on site for every three shooters on the line.  It is the responsibility of the instructor and range officers to be aware and meet all municipal, county, state, and federal regulations which may apply. Safety rules and protocols will be clearly and repeatedly presented to all students. We have an established plan in place in the event of injury.  We are also insured through the National Rifle Association and Lloyd’s of London for liability covering each of our students.

We will have refreshments during the classroom instructions and water during the proficiency demonstrations.  If time permit, we will stay on the range for 2nd and 3rd qualification attempts, if deemed necessary.  Range Fees are normally controlled by the range, depending on the range and their policies.  We will supply the necessary targets, safety glasses, and ear protection.  Depending on the package selected we may also supply the weapon, and the ammunition.

It is strongly recommended that students take the ‘Introduction To Handgun’ course prior to attempting the proficiency demonstration if they are new to firearms, haven’t fired a firearm recently, can not load and/or unload their weapon, or can not place bullets in the cylinder or magazine of the weapon.  In short, you need to know your weapon and how to maintain and operate your weapon.

A student is NOT required to take the proficiency demonstration on the same day as the classroom material is presented.